Tourist Visas

The following documents should be submitted to the Consular Section in order to obtain a tourist visa:

Completed visa application form (one per person).

Copies of the pages of the passport that contain personal data of the bearer and the original passport. Personal presence of the applicant is required.

One photograph of the applicant with a light background and preferably on a matte paper.

A standard tourist confirmation from the authorized hosting Russian travel agency or a hotel, registered with the Russian MFA and a proper TOURIST VOUCHER from any tourist company in Russia or in Kuwait. The confirmation must contain the Russian travel agency's reference number and its registration number.

Consular fee.

Russian tourist visa can be issued for not longer than one month.

When entering Russia with a tourist visa, sometimes you are also required to present at the Russian border check point your tourist confirmation, the voucher from your hotel and a return ticket with a fixed date of departure from Russia, so have copy of them. You may be also required to prove that you have sufficient funds for your travel. This does not apply to cruises and tourist groups.

If you are going on a cruise and wish to go sight-seeing, you should get a visa as explained above. Your cruise sponsors must provide you with the name and reference number of the Russian organization which will be responsible for this cruise.

Visa processing starts only after we have collected all necessary documents.

If you fail to follow the above-mentioned requirements, your visa application will not be processed. If the papers are not acceptable for any reason or some documents are missing, we will return them.

After you receive your visa please check it for mistakes and, if necessary, return it to us for corrections. The Consular Section will not be responsible for any mistakes in visas which were not brought to its attention prior to departure from Kuwait.

The visa application form must be filled online and printed out by the following link: